How can an Au Pair benefit your family?

Agent Au Pair provides flexible, reliable in-home child care and the opportunity for long-term cultural exchange for families and their children.

Hosting an au pair is a cost effective child care solution, which includes a rewarding cultural exchange experience.  Family member, friend, caregiver, academic tutor, household helper are all ways to describe an au pair.

Here are just some of the benefits hosting an au pair can offer you and your family:

  • Experienced, live-in childcare
  • Cultural Experience
  • Weekly cost of just $355 per week*
  • Consistent, guaranteed number of childcare hours each week
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Support from the Agent Au Pair Central Office and a Local Representative in your community

For approximately $355 per week*, families can have an in-home caregiver that looks after their children for up to 45 hours per week in the safety of their own home.

Each of our au pairs is required to have childcare experience and attend our Au Pair Training School which includes of child safety and development classes prior to arriving at your home. This gives our families the peace of mind that their au pairs are well-qualified to care for their children.

Becoming a host family will expose your family to a new language, culture, traditions, and way of living. Unlike hiring a nanny or attending daycare, having an au pair provides you with a set number of childcare hours each week. The Au Pair program in an affordable and culturally enriching child care option.  Here is a link to our Program Fees. 

New Host Families Save $500! Apply Today!

Please visit our host family requirements page to see if your family meets US Department of State Au Pair Program requirements.

*This includes weekly stipend paid to the au pair, program fees, and $500 educational stipend.  Room and board costs, transportation from training to host family's location, and other expenses are not included in this amount as they vary based on family situation and location.