2019 Program Fees:

Hosting an au pair can be a cost saving solution compared to other childcare options and benefit your family on many levels. Agent Au Pair provides a great opportunity that gives families an affordable solution without sacrificing the high-quality in-home childcare they desire. Agent Au Pair provides the best option for families wish to host an au pair.

Program Options: We offer several au pair program options. Please see our program options page for further details.

Program Fee Includes:

  • Trans-Atlantic airfare
  • Recruiting, screening and preparation of the au pair in the home country
  • Health insurance
  • Child development and safety training at the Au Pair Training School
  • Documents to obtain the J-1 Visa
  • Host family and au pair Orientations
  • Au pair monthly meetings
  • Year-long program support
  • Commitment of a one-year program
Au Pair Program
Au Pair Pro
TutorCare Program
     Application Fee
   $0   $0   $0
     Program Fee
   $8,495   $9,295   $7,795
     Minimum Weekly Stipend
   $195.75   $265.00   $146.81


  • Host families are required to pay au pairs a weekly stipend that is no less than the amount that is listed above
  • Host Families are responsible for the cost of their au pair's transportation from the Au Pair Training School in Connecticut to their home.
  • Host Families are also responsible for the US Department of State $500 educational requirement contribution.

Available Discounts:

Repeat Family Discount: $500
For families who have completed one full year as a client will receive a $500 discount off their next annual contract. If your family and au pair choose to stay together for a second year, your program fee is substantially reduced.

Thanks for Switching: $500
Host families who switch from another designated agency receive a $500 discount. A copy of the canceled check or paid invoice may be required for proof of payment (an application fee with another agency does not qualify).*

Military Discount: $1000
Agent Au Pair offers a $1000 discount to new host families who have at least one parent serving in the military or is a veteran. Military families sacrifice so much, this is our way of giving back and thanking them for their service. We are proud to support our families who serve our country!
Effective Veteran's Day, November 11, 2017

Host Family Referrals: $500
When you are a current host family and you refer a family who welcomes an au pair in their home, you will receive a $500 discount off your next au pair contract.
* The referral reward will be issued after the au pair is in the host family's home for 30 days.
Effective September 1, 2018.

Payment Plans:

Standard Payment Plan:

   Payment Type
Due Date
     Payment #1
  Upon Confirmation Match  $4,295
     Payment #2
  28 Days Before Au Pair's Arrival  $4,200
   Total Payment:  $8,495

Extended Payment Plan:

    Payment Type
Due Date
     Matching Fee
  Upon Confirmation Match  $3,995
     Payment #1
  Due 28 Days Before Au Pair's Arrival  $1,000
     Payment #2
  Due Upon Arrival  $750
     Payment #3
  Due 1 Month Later  $750
     Payment #4
  Due 2 Months Later  $750
     Payment #5
  Due 3 Months Later  $750
     Payment #6
  Due 4 Months Later  $750
   Total Payment:   $ 8,745


* Extended Payment Plan includes processing fee of $250