Program Costs:

Hosting an au pair can be a cost saving solution compared to other childcare options and benefit your family on many levels. Agent Au Pair provides a great opportunity that gives families an affordable solution without sacrificing the high-quality in-home childcare they desire.  Agent Au Pair provides the best option for families wish to host an au pair.

Program Options:  We offer several au pair program options.  Please see our program options page for further details.

Current Discounts: Save $500 - Apply by September 1, 2017.  We will waive the $300 Application Fee and provide a $200 Program Fee discount to new Host Families.

Program fee includes:

  • Trans-Atlantic airfare
  • Recruiting, screening and preparation of the au pair in the home country
  • Health insurance
  • Child development and safety training at the Au Pair Training School
  • Documents to obtain the J-1 Visa
  • Host family and au pair Orientations
  • Au pair monthly meetings
  • Year-long program support
  • Commitment of a one-year program

Program Fees

Fee Type Standard Au Pair Au Pair Pro Repeat Families
Application Fee $300 $300 $300
Program Fee $7,995 $9,495 $7,995
Total Program Fees $8,295 $9,795 $8,295
Available Discounts Until September 1, 2017
Application Fee -$300
Program fee -$200
Total Discount -$500
Until September 1, 2017
Application Fee -$300
Program fee -$200
Total Discount -$500
Application fee -$300
Program fee-$500 Total Discount -$800
Total Program Fees with Available Discounts  $7,795  $9,295  $7,495
 Weekly Stipend Received by Au Pair  $195.75  $265.00  $195.75

- Host Families are responsible for the cost of their au pair's transportation from the Au Pair Training School in Connecticut to their home. 

- Host Families are also responsible for the US Department of State $500 educational requirement contribution.

Available Discounts

Repeat Host Families who have completed one full year as a client will receive a $800 discount off their next annual contract.  Discount includes a $300 Application Fee waiver plus $500 off the Program Fee.*

Repeat Host Families Extending with their Current Au Pair will receive an additional discount.  Contact us to learn more.

Pre-Match or Direct Placement is when a host family has found the au pair they would like to host themselves.  We offer a Pre-Match Discount of $350 off the Program Fee.  To qualify, the au pair must meet all US Department of State and Agent Au Pair program requirements.*

“Thanks for Switching” Discount: Host families who switch from another designated agency receive a $650 discount which includes an $300 Application Fee waiver and $350 off the Program Fee.  A copy of the canceled check or paid invoice may be required for proof of payment (an application fee with another agency does not qualify).*

* Maximum discount of $650 for all New Families.

* Maximum discount of $800 for all Repeat Families.

Host Family Referrals

Host Family Referral: When you are a current host family and you refer a family who welcomes an au pair in their home, you receive a cash check for $500 credit on a current or future invoice.*

Payment Plan Options

Payment Type Due Date Amount
Matching Fee Upon Confirmation Match $3,995.00
Arrival Fee 28 Days Before Au Pair's Arrival $3,800.00
  Total Due:
Payment Type Due Date Amount
Matching Fee Upon Confirmed Match $3,995.00
Payment #1* Due 28 days before arrival $1,000.00
Payment #2 Due upon arrival $760.00
Payment #3 Due 1 months later $760.00
Payment #4 Due 2 months later $760.00
Payment #5 Due 3 months later $760.00
 *includes processing fee of $240 Total Payment $8,035.00