Medical Insurance

Our Medical Provider Network is through the First Health Network:

TW Lord and Associates
25 Dodd Street
Marietta, Georgia 30060, USA

If you have a question or if a claim needs to be filed, please call:
Free Phone: (800) 633-2360
Phone: (770) 427-2461

Your insurance plan coverage can be found here.

To locate a provider in your area, please use this website:

To file a claim following medical treatment, please complete and submit an Insurance Claim Form.

Please note: Your health insurance will end on your program end date so you will not be insured during your travel month. Insurance for your travel month optional and you will have to insure yourself. You are free to find a provider yourself. One option is Dr. Walter Insurance’s ProTrip World plan. You can enroll online, choose the dates that you need insurance for and can choose between two plans. You will receive an insurance card via email. Feel free to check them out: