Local Rep Of the Month

March 2020

Susanne Chabara
Tampa, FL
I am a global nomad, although I have been calling Tampa, FL, home for the past six years. My husband and I have lived and worked all over the world and we decided to move back to the US after our first son was born in Argentina. We continued to move in the US and had our second son in New Jersey and our third in Georgia. Then we got the travel bug again and relocated overseas for five years. All this time, I was teaching English as a second language and loved meeting and helping people from all over the world. 
I got my Master’s in Education from the University of Tampa and, after teaching there, realized that my students needed more than a teacher. I opened my own company and have been helping people relocating to the Tampa Bay area since. I joined Agent AuPair in January 2019 and was very excited to help both the Aupairs and the local families. It’s been an incredible experience and I am happy to see the program grow so quickly. My host families are wonderful, compassionate and resourceful, with adorable children. My Aupairs are strong and smart women and I look forward to our monthly meetings to catch up on all their new experiences and see their personal growth. 
I love spending time with my boys, meeting new people and I love my work. I enjoy being outdoors and having a great time; whether at an event or in a kayak. Great food, great books and new adventures are always a treat I can’t resist. If you come to Tampa – we are only an hour from Disney – I would love to connect.

February 2020

Aynara Racolto
Atlanta, GA

I was born and raised in Brazil but I moved to the United States back in January of 2012 as an Au Pair. I spend two years with my host family and after meeting my husband I decided to stay in the United States. I completely understand what is to be a expat living in the US. I currently work full time as an account manager for a raw material company based in Atlanta but with plants all over the world and I am also a student a Georgia State University. I’m currently pursuing Business Administration.

I have decided to work as a Local Coordinator and support Agent Au Pair, because when I was an Au Pair back in 2012 and 2013 with a different agency I couldn’t barely count on my own Local Coordinator. I had several friends that had issues and didn’t have the support they needed from their agencies, so I wanted to be the support to other girls that I never had. I love the Agent Au Pair care for both their Au Pairs and Host Families equally. My favorite part of being a Local Coordinator is to get to know families from different cultures and learn from both the Au Pair and Host Families. I also love seeing the host families perspective about hosting an Au Pair, a completely stranger that in the end of the program will be part of your family forever.

My hobbies are trying new foods, traveling, watching movies and listening to music and spending time with my friend but since I work full time and go to school, at the moment I do not have much time to enjoy my hobbies.

January 2020

Carly Grennes
Indianapolis, In

I grew up in Hershey, PA, went to college in Virginia, and graduate school in Ohio. My Master’s degree is in Higher Education, and I’ve spent all of my professional career working at universities, mostly in admissions and academic advising. I live in Indianapolis, IN with my husband and two young kids, and our cat.

I left my job at the university after my younger child turned 1, but I was always interested in finding a part time job to do while I stayed home with my kids. I heard about the Local Rep position from a local host family here in Indy. I was interested in the role because I always loved working with young adults and international students in my previous jobs. Plus, as a mom I understand how hard it can be to find good childcare. So I figured as a local rep I could blend all of those interests and experiences.

I’ve been a local rep since January, and I really love it! My favorite part is monthly meetings with my cluster of au pairs. We have done so many things around the city.

December 2019

Hande Demir-Neilan
Huntington, NY

I started working with Agent Au Pair as a Local Rep on the beginning of 2019.

Coming to the United States from a different country sounds like a very cool idea, however, it has all these ups and downs. Living with people you didn’t know before, a language that you cannot speak very well, can be very frustrating and stressful and I have been there! Six years ago, when I came to NY from Turkey for the first time, I was an au pair as well.  I`m very familiar with the feelings that all the au pairs and even the families go through at some point during their year. I like helping both sides and making things work for them, to be the person that au pairs can talk to when they really need to talk with someone who can empathize with them.

Working as a local rep is giving back to the community for me and I like it very much. Meeting with new people from all around the world feeds me. When not working for Agent Au Pair you can find me crocheting and gardening.

November 2019

Lucia Breckon
Long Beach, CA

In 2013, I came to this country to experience what was a wonderful cultural exchange as an Au Pair with Agent Au Pair. Some of the moments I came across with during this experience were wonderful and some not so good, but through it all, Agent Au Pair and my Local Reps were there to support me and help me.

Almost two years ago, I became a Local Representative with Agent Au Pair in Seattle, WA to give back and share my knowledge as a former Au Pair. I know what it means to be in a new country with a different culture, language, and customs. Living with a new family, trying to make new friends and dealing with different problems that can arise from this experience can be very stressful and overwhelming for the parties involved. Having encountered these issues before, I feel that I can relate to the Au Pairs and Host Families and guide them through this transition.

Earlier this year, I took a few months off to travel around Southeast Asia (I love traveling) and I have settled back my Local Rep duties after relocating to Long Beach, CA. My favorite part about being a Local Rep is to be that person that APs can trust. That person with who they can open up about their problems, and know that they will be heard and understood because that person has been in their shoes and can relate to them.

September 2019

Lynda Murad
Roslindale, MA
I love meeting people from other countries and learning about their cultures.
I also wanted to provide support to Au Pairs during their time here in the U.S.

August 2019

Liz Manus
Washington DC
When I joined Agent Au Pair in 2018 I wasn’t totally sure of my role as a local representative but I liked the idea of having the opportunity to develop relationships and help people from around the world. A year later, I like how flexible is the local representative position, the opportunity to mentor the au pairs and support the host families.
Furthermore, I really appreciate the cultural exchanges with these young women from different parts of the world, learning about their families and friends, their comfort foods, their traditions like the Santabary food and dance festival in Madagascar to give thanks for the rice harvest, the sport and music in England or La Pascua processions in Colombia. In turn when the au pairs often asked questions about me it has been always fun to share my hobbies, tell them about my cooking, dancing to Caribbean music, my love for soccer (football for the aficionados), tennis and mystery books. As an Agent Au Pair local representative, it has been a fun and gratifying year!

July 2019

Roger Ramirez
Chico, CA

Roger Ramirez is a senior at Chico State, with a focus in business Project Management and consulting.

His passion for cultures and international relations led him to find Au Pair American a perfect fit to develop his relationship-building skills. Mainly, he enjoys the cultural exposure he gets by interacting with the Au Pairs.

After college Roger hopes to work abroad in Germany or Spain as a consultant for a big firm before starting his own practice.