Why Agent Au Pair

Agent Au Pair is a California based company that promotes educational and cultural exchange between nations through our inter-cultural au pair program. Our program provides American families with live-in childcare and allows our au pairs to experience American education, life, and culture in an affordable international education program.

Agent Au Pair carefully screens the host families and verifies that they are enthusiastic about cultural exchange and will operate in the spirit of the program.  Host families are required to treat au pairs as a member of their family and ensure that they participate in educational and cultural experiences.

The United States Department of State has designated Agent Au Pair as a sponsoring organization for the Au Pair Cultural Exchange Program. Au pair program regulations are set forth by the federal government and must be enforced by each sponsoring organization.

The rules and regulations are the same for all Au Pair Programs in the United States. Au pairs live and work with host families for 12 months on a legal J-1 visa. As a part of the program, au pairs have the ability to utilize a 30-day grace period for the purpose of personal travel within the United States after the successful completion of the 12-month program.

What benefits does Agent Au Pair offer participating au pairs?
  • Sponsorship of a legal 12-month J-1 visa
  • Round-trip airfare to the U.S. from your home country
  • Hotel, meals, Orientation and Au Pair School training with qualified instructors prior to going to your host family home.
  • Pocket money of at least $195.75 per week
  • Up to $500 tuition for enrollment in an accredited post-secondary institution for 6 units of academic credit or its equivalent
  • Room and board in a private bedroom with a pre-screened host family
  • Two weeks paid vacation & one full weekend off per month (for travel)
  • A direct telephone number to call in case of an emergency
  • Health and accident insurance
  • Introductions to other au pairs in the area and monthly meetings with your local community counselor
  • Maximum work of 45 hours per week/10 hours per day

 Exclusive Training in Renzulli Learning Methods

Our au pairs receive exclusive training in the teaching methods of Joseph S. Renzulli, a leader in the field of Gifted and Talented Education.  Renzulli has helped millions of children to develop advanced learning skills and higher academic performance. Agent Au Pair infuses Renzulli teaching methods into our program to elevate its learning benefits.  Au pairs are trained in Renzulli methods and leverage the Renzulli Learning System.

The host family children's strengths, interests, learning and expression styles are identified and au pairs work with the host children on project-based learning activities.  The Renzulli Learning System includes thousands of interest based resources and projects for au pairs and their host children to enjoy. A recent outcomes study of the Au Pair Program revealed that many au pairs enter an education related or related career.  The unique training in Renzulli methods provides our au pairs with valuable career skills no other au pair program can offer.