Program Fees

Program fees to become an au pair in the USA range from $800 USD to $1,500 USD.

What's Included in the Au Pair Fees:
  • Application and document processing in the home country
  • Translation fees, if applicable
  • SEVIS fee when the au pair departs
  • Matching services
  • Consultation and assistance when interviewing with families
  • Visa application advice and assistance
  • Pre-departure and travel information

Our international partner agents charge fees according to their individual policies and procedures. Each agent and country sets their fees based on a number of criteria, which may include local market conditions, supply and demand, and other economic and cultural criteria.

Qualifications Required

The Agent Au Pair program is an excellent opportunity to experience American education and culture.  Please review the Qualifications required to be an au pair before you submit your application.


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