Local Community Counselor

I am really happy I joined Agent Au Pair as an LCC. My monthly meetings with my au pairs are so rewarding and I enjoy meeting the host families, too.
Mary M., LCC (Note: I am not authorized to recruit from abroad)

Agent Au Pair local community counselors (LCCs) are the crux of the program in the field. LCCs screen host families, supervise the placement throughout the year and meet the au pairs monthly. This is a rewarding position for someone who has experience in customer service and enjoys working with families and au pairs and in the international especially working with young people from abroad.

The position offers many interesting opportunities to gain valuable skills learned at corporate training events and carry those leadership opportunities into the field by being a mediator and assisting customers on a regular basis.

Most LCCs like the flexibility the position has to offer because interviews and meetings can be scheduled around times that work for you. LCCs enjoy keeping their skills sharp while at the same time having the opportunity to work from home during hours that work for them. It's a great way to meet people in the community and earn some extra money while.

The Agent Au Pair Local Community Counselor does the following:

  • Interviews the family in the home
  • Performs a 2-Week Orientation after the au pair arrives
  • Speaks with the host family monthly (or more often as needed)
  • Meets the au pair monthly (or more often as needed)
  • Mediates the placement throughout the year
  • Offers advice and assistance pertaining to program regulations

If you are interested in becoming an LCC, note your location and send your contact information to: info@agentaupair.com